CTHG Minutes 20th April 2017

Date for your diary:
8pm Tuesday 27TH June, Podium Room, Cromwell Tower
All welcome: £5 entry, children free of charge.

MINUTES for Committee meeting 20 April 2017 (V2)
19:00 in the Podium Room 

Committee Members:

John Tomlinson (Chairman)
Jane Northcote (Secretary)
Laurance Jones (Treasurer) (absent)
Lesley Bradshaw (absent)
Alan Budgen
Frances Calman
Christopher Gorman-Evans (absent)
Julian Hale (absent)

Barbican Estate Officer:

Luke Barton (absent)



Sarah Styles of the Barbican Estate Office attended this meeting in Luke’s absence.

1.    Welcome

The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed those present. He thanked Sarah Styles for standing in for Luke Barton. The meeting asked Sarah to convey our congratulations and good wishes to Luke on his marriage.

2.    Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Luke Barton (BEO), Laurance Jones, Lesley Bradshaw, Christopher Gorman-Evans and Julian Hale.

3.    Minutes of the last committee meeting

The minutes of 24th January were reviewed. On behalf of Luke Barton, Sarah Styles requested a change to point 6 about the Threat Alarm. Luke wrote:

“It may be easier to break it down into 3 (sub) points a, b, c. with part a being the main part of point 6.
a; Intercom this is the connection to the flats in Cromwell (essentially your doorbell). It is the on-going maintenance cost of repairs to this which I am monitoring. The costs occur as this system is different other Towers and can’t be maintained by the Resident Engineers.
b; Threat Alarm, while this uses elements of the intercom system this only requires the annual testing (which last took place November 2016).
c; Fire Alarms, there are no fire alarms in the communal parts of the building (apart from the car park).”

There were no other requests for changes. The secretary made the requested change after the meeting, and the revised Minutes (V3) were then signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising from previous Committee meeting  24th January 2017

4.    Threat Alarm

The Threat alarm was triggered accidentally on 10th Feb 2017 at 4:45pm
On that occasion many people thought it was a fire alarm.
There are no fire alarms in the public spaces of the Tower except the Car Parks.
Sarah Styles recommended that residents re-read the laminated sheet which has been recently distributed.

5.    Fire Risk Assessment

In November 2016 there was an independent Fire Risk Assessment of the Barbican and Golden Lane Estates.

Here is a link to the document: FireRiskAssessment 18 Nov 2016

We are pleased to note that the Fire Risk Assessment for Cromwell Tower was excellent, and low-risk in almost all aspects.
There were no areas of high risk.
The only two areas of medium risk were:

  • “in some instances residents use escape routes for storage purposes” and
  • “in some instances service risers and similar are used for storage purposes” (this refers to the lockers outside our front doors)

In both cases the recommendation was to “implement robust arrangements to ensure such areas are maintained clear of storage”.

One low-priority action area was “consideration should be given to replacing or upgrading all flat doors so they provide a minimum of 30 minutes fire resistance”. This seemed to be in contradiction to comments made elsewhere in the report, and it’s not clear to which doors this refers.

Action: Sarah Styles to get clarification on this point.

6.    Parking on the North side of Chiswell Street (resolved)

IMG_0482 (small)
Yellow line on the North side of Chiswell Street

There is now a yellow line on the North side of Chiswell Street, preventing parking outside Sundial Court, and enabling safe pedestrian passage.
Thank you to Islington Council, and to John for maintaining the dialogue with them.

7.    Bicycle Parking

Christopher Gorman-Evans had noticed cycles fastened to the railings next to the music shop, obstructing the stairs. Although there are cycle stands nearby, these are quickly used up. So cycles get fastened to railings.
Luke gave us the contact information for the City officer responsible for cycling. He is: Albert Cheung, citytransportation@cityoflondon.gov.uk
Action: Christopher will contact Mr Cheung, with a view to asking for more cycle parking in the area.

8.    Information about the House Group

To inform residents about the work of the house group, John Tomlinson suggested that notices be put up in the lifts listing items under discussion, meeting dates and committee members’ names. Luke has drafted a notice. Committee members were keen that the existing useful information in the lifts was included in this notice (contact information for the House Officer, the Porters, and the Repairs Line).
Action: John to review Luke’s draft.


9.    New Porters

Sarah Styles gave us an email announcing the arrival of two new permanent lobby porters for Cromwell Tower. Kalpesh Patel joins us from Lauderdale and will start training with Vic on April 25th. The other candidate is Abdi Harouma, an external candidate who is currently going though the usual checks and will start with us within two months. Sarah will draft a notice for the lifts.

10. Void Space

Action: Sarah will find out what the current state is with the development of the Void Space and use of the Mezzanine.

11.Cromwell Tower House Group Online

Jane offered to upload these minutes to an online archive/blog for easy access by residents via a website. Various other useful documents, such as the Fire Assessment Report, could also be put online.

Action: John and Jane will discuss options

12. Art in the 01 Lobby

The Committee thanked Alan Budgen for arranging the Van Gogh exhibition of art by Guildhall Students.


27th June 2017 19:00 Committee Meeting
27th June 2017 20:00 SUMMER PARTY, following the Committee Meeting
September Meeting: date proposal –  25th Sept.

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