Committee Meeting 27th June 2017 MINUTES

Here are the Minutes  of our Committee Meeting 27th June 2017 as a downloadable pdf document:

MINUTES for CTHG (27 June 2017)Version 2

Here are the minutes as a webpage with pictures:


MINUTES for Committee meeting 27 June 2017

19:00 in the Podium Room

Committee Members:

John Tomlinson (Chairman)
Jane Northcote (Secretary)
Laurance Jones (Treasurer)
Lesley Bradshaw
Alan Budgen
Frances Calman
Christopher Gorman-Evans (absent)
Julian Hale

Barbican Estate Officer:
Luke Barton

1.    Welcome

The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed those present. Mike Bristow, Cromwell resident, joined the meeting as a potential new Committee member.

The Committee noted that there was much to discuss concerning Fire Risk, Fire Precautions and actions to be taken in the event of Fire. Accordingly, we agreed to convene an additional CTHG Committee meeting to focus on this important topic. This meeting was held the following day: 28 June 2017, and the Minutes of this additional meeting are on this link.

2.    Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Christopher Gorman-Evans.

3.    Minutes of the previous committee meeting

The minutes of April 20th 2017 were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.

Matters Arising from previous COMMITTEE meeting 20 April 2017

4.    Threat Alarm

See Minutes of meeting on Fire Safety.

5.    Fire Risk Assessment

See Minutes of meeting on Fire Safety.

6.    Bicycle Parking

Christopher Gorman-Evans had noticed cycles fastened to the railings next to the music shop, obstructing the stairs. Although there are cycle stands nearby, these are quickly used up. So cycles get fastened to railings.

Christopher is in contact Albert Cheung,, with a view to asking for more cycle parking in the area.

7.    Information about the House Group

To inform residents about the work of the house group, John Tomlinson suggested that notices be put up in the lifts listing items under discussion, meeting dates and committee members’ names. Luke has drafted a notice. Committee members were keen that the existing useful information in the lifts was included in this notice (contact information for the House Officer, the Porters, and the Repairs Line).

Action: John to review Luke’s draft

8.    New Porters

Kalpesh Patel and Abdi Harouma have joined our existing porters Flo and Andrew to make our team of four porters in Cromwell Tower. Abdi joined recently. A notice will appear in the lifts to introduce him. Please say hello to our new porters.

9.    Void Space

There is a planning application to transform the Void space at the base of Cromwell Tower into a residential dwelling. This is awaiting Landlord’s approval. This new residence will have its entrance at Mezzanine level.

10.Cromwell Tower House Group Online

These minutes and other documents, including the Fire Risk Assessment are now online at

Action: Jane to continue to develop this website, and acquire the domain
DONE: This domain now acquired and in operation

11.Art in the 01 Lobby

Alan Budgen reports that the Van Gogh exhibition of art by Guildhall Students was very well received by residents. It will be taken down within the next few weeks. The next exhibition will be by a local photographer.


12. Licence application by The Brewery

The Brewery on Chiswell Street has applied for a licence to supply alcohol and entertainment in a property on the North side of Chiswell Street, nos. 41-46. They apply to do this until midnight on Mon and Tues, 1am on Wednesday, and 2am Thursday to Saturday, 11pm on Sunday. The noise inside the venue won’t be a problem as it is underground. The problem is rowdy partygoers leaving in the small hours, plus associated mini-cab noise. Many residents will remember the problems with “Parker MacMillan” in the same location. Individual residents have submitted objections. In addition, the Committee agreed that we should submit an objection as a registered tenants association.

Action: Jane to draft and submit an objection by the deadline, which is 28th June.
DONE: Here is the objection as a downloadable document:
CTHG Objection to 41-46 Chiswell St(pdf)

13. Jugged Hare patrons obstructing the pavement

Drinkers at the Jugged Hare pub tend to block the pavement on the Chiswell Street side. Passers-by are then obliged to walk in the roadway, which is dangerous. Following a request from John Tomlinson and others, pub staff now encourage drinkers to stay close to the pub and not obstruct the pavement. Drinkers are not allowed to use the pavement on the Silk Street side as this creates noise disturbance.

14. Car parking Charges increase

The City of London made proposals for a large increase in Car Parking charges. Following representations from residents and elected representatives, the proposal has been withdrawn for the time being. It is now subject of a Working Party under the Barbican Residential Committee (BRC). John Tomlinson is a member of the Working Party.

16. Electric Car Charging points

Prototype Electric Car charging points will be introduced into Car Parks around the Barbican. There will be some in Cromwell Car parks. They will be in place within a few months, September 2017.

17. Rubbish in the Car Parks

There is rubbish on the floor of the Car Park – crisp packets, rubbish bags and other waste. This is surprising, as the Car Parks should be being cleaned daily.

Action: Luke to check the cleaning schedule and inspect to ensure the Car Parks cleanliness is up to the required standard.

18. Cables going into the basement

Thick orange cables lead from the Barbican Centre into the basement of Cromwell, over the entrance of the 02 Car Park. At first they looked temporary. Now they are more substantial and have been there a number of months. What are they?

Action: Luke to discover what they are and how we can know they are safe.

19. Planters in Cromwell Place

The newly planted and colourful flowers in the tubs outside the front door of Cromwell are the work of Helen Likierman and Julian Hale. We thank them for their initiative and energy and for funding the planting. Julian said that if the BEO would provide further planters, for example one in front of each pillar, then he and Helen would stock them with plants. The minutes of our meeting on 21st June 2016 state that Luke will put in a strong case for additional planters in the year 2017/18.

20. Changes to the Committee

Lesley Bradshaw announced her intention not to stand for re-election at the next AGM. The Chairman thanked Lesley for her contribution to the work of the House Group and to the Tower in general. Lesley’s heartfelt representations concerning the lobby redevelopment meant that the implemented design was better for everyone.


Next Committee meeting: 7pm Monday September 25th 2017

AGM and Christmas Party: Wednesday November 29th 2017

What is the Cromwell Tower House Group?

The Cromwell Tower House Group is the body recognised by the City of London and the Barbican Association as representing the residents of Cromwell Tower.  

All Cromwell residents are encouraged to join. To join the House Group at any time, please contact Frances Calman (flat 232). The joining fee is currently £5 per flat. This is a once-off payment. There is no annual fee. The Annual General Meeting is in November or December each year and is open to all members of the House Group.  

Between the Annual General Meetings, issues that arise are addressed by the Cromwell Tower House Group Committee, whose names are listed at the top of these minutes. This is a group of Cromwell residents, elected at the Annual General Meeting, who give their time to address issues affecting the Tower. We generally meet once a quarter. Minutes of these meetings are circulated to all flats in the Tower. We also meet members of the Barbican Estate Office and other organisations, as needed, to represent the interests of Cromwell Tower residents. If you would like to raise an issue, or would like to participate in the resolution of any of the items described in these minutes, please contact the Chairman, John Tomlinson (flat 133), or any other Committee member.

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