What is the Cromwell Tower House Group?

 The Cromwell Tower House Group is the body recognised by the City of London and the Barbican Association as representing the residents of Cromwell Tower.  Cromwell Tower is a residential tower block in the City of London on the Barbican Estate.

 All Cromwell residents are encouraged to join. To join the House Group at any time, please contact Frances Calman (flat 232). The joining fee is currently £5 per flat. This is a once-off payment. There is no annual fee. The Annual General Meeting is in November or December each year and is open to all members of the House Group.

 Between the Annual General Meetings, issues that arise are addressed by the Cromwell Tower House Group Committee, whose names are listed in the latest minutes (see this link) This is a group of Cromwell residents, elected at the Annual General Meeting, who give their time to address issues affecting the Tower. We generally meet once a quarter. Minutes of these meetings are circulated to all flats in the Tower. We also meet members of the Barbican Estate Office and other organisations, as needed, to represent the interests of Cromwell Tower residents. If you would like to serve on the Committee, or raise an issue, or would like to participate in the resolution of any of the items described in the minutes, please contact the Chairman, John Tomlinson (flat 133), or any other Committee member.

What is this website?

This website was set up by Jane Northcote, former Secretary of the Cromwell Tower House Group. It is maintained by Preneeta Mann, current House Group secretary.

It contains Minutes of Meetings, and other public information relevant to the Cromwell Tower House Group. Recent information has been loaded first.

If you have expertise in websites and would like to change or improve this website, you will be very welcome. Please contact the secretary: secretary@cromwelltower.org

Technical Information

This website is made on WordPress.

It is publicly available and contains no confidential information.

Privacy information and GDPR

Cromwell Tower House Group does not collect or process any information from you as a result of your visit to this site.

People (anybody) can sign up to follow updates from this site. WordPress makes available a list of email addresses of “followers” to the administrator of this site. We do not collect or use this information. You can unsubscribe at any time via the facilities provided by WordPress in every email.

The privacy policy of WordPress is on this link: https://automattic.com/privacy-notice/


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