House Group

The Cromwell Tower House Group is the body recognised by the City of London and the Barbican Association as representing the residents of Cromwell Tower.

All Cromwell residents are encouraged to join the House Group: please contact Frances Calman (flat 232). The joining fee is currently £5 per flat. This is a once-off payment.

The Cromwell Tower House Group Chairman is John Tomlinson (flat 133).

The House Group addresses issues related to Cromwell Tower. For examples of things we deal with,  see our minutes of meetings. If you have an issue or idea related to Cromwell Tower  contact the Barbican Estate Office, Cromwell Tower House Officer, Luke Barton, in the first instance. (Luke Barton: 020 7029 3945 or email: ). Luke is a salaried employee of the City of London. It is Luke’s job to support residents and represent our needs to the City Officers who take action.  If he can’t help, or the problem is recurring,  contact the House Group Committee via our Chairman, John Tomlinson (flat 133), or our secretary Preneeta Mann, or any member of the House Group Committee. The House Group Committee consists of residents of the Tower, your neighbours, who give their time to try improve life in the Tower.  For a list of House Group Committee Members, see the most recent minutes.

Repairs and Faults

For Repairs and Maintainence issues (including leaks, lighting, garchey and heating) contact the Barbican Property Services Team directly on 0207 029 3909 or via email

For other Cromwell-related matters (matters related to the Porters, worn-out carpet, items left in the lift-lobbies, or any other problem or query related to the Tower) contact the Cromwell Tower House Officer, Luke Barton: 020 7029 3945 or email: .

Front Desk

IMG_0413For key permission, parcels, deliveries, access, contact the Cromwell Tower Porters desk (01 level). You can buzz them by pressing the button on the intercom in your flat. Not the top button, the second one down.

The external phone number of the Cromwell Porters Desk is: 020 7029 392


To report noise and disturbance outside the Tower, for example from local pubs and nightclubs in the City of London, contact the City of London Environmental Health team, see this link. Call 020 7606 3030 to get action for noise happening now (24 hours), or after the event email

The North side of Chiswell Street and Finsbury Square are in Islington.  If the source of the noise is in Islington then you can report it to the Islington Public Protection team. The contacts for noise reporting are on the Islington Council website. Here is a link:

The Islington Public Protection phone number is: 020 7527 7272

Rough Sleepers

If you see a rough sleeper, you can report them to Streetlink, who will initiate action to help them:


Anti-social behaviour, criminal behaviour, intruders in the Tower, suspicious activity on the Podium, all should be reported to the City of London Police directly.
Phone 101 if it’s not urgent or 999 if it is .

Elected Representatives

If the above methods aren’t working, you can contact your elected representatives in the City of London. Search for “court of common council”.  We are in Cripplegate Ward. Here’s a link to try:

Our Member of Parliament is the one for “City and Westminster”.


This website is currently maintained by the Secretary of the Cromwell Tower House Group:

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