This page contains downloadable documents and links relating to licensed premises in the area.

If anyone has additional documents they’d like to add, please email them to me or comment, using the comment box below (scroll down).

This is the current licence for The Brewery in Chiswell street (downloadable document)

Brewery current licence as of June 2017

Here are the instructions from Islington Council for how to object to a licence. Islington is the Council responsible for the North side of Chiswell Street. (downloadable document)

Commenting on Licence Applications (Islington)

The instructions for how to object to a licence in the City of London are currently (June 2017) on this link:

Here is the CTHG objection to the application by The Brewery to have a late licence in 41-46 Chiswell Street. Objection made by email 28 June 2017: (downloadable document)

CTHG Objection to 41-46 Chiswell St(pdf)


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