Jugged Hare / Montcalm

The current Jugged Hare licence is on this link (downloadable file)

Montcalm Hotel Licence (includes Jugged Hare)(PDF)

The Jugged Hare are included in the Montcalm licence.

Here is the text of an email sent on behalf of the House Group, 13 October 2017, pointing out that Jugged Hare patrons were obstructing the pavement.

From: Jane Northcote <jane@janenorthcote.com>
Subject: Jugged Hare patrons blocking the pavement
Date: 14 October 2017 at 17:09:07 BST
Edward Williams
Jugged Hare General Manager
Jugged Hare – etmgroup
49 Chiswell Street, LONDON, EC1Y 4SA

Dear Mr WIlliams

I write as Secretary of Cromwell Tower House Group to draw your attention to a problem which I’m sure will concern you.

Please see the attached photographs taken by members of our House Group. These show patrons of the Jugged Hare blocking the footway, so that passers-by are obliged to walk in the road.
These were taken on three separate occasions in the last 10 days, so this is not an isolated problem.
As people who frequently use this footway we are concerned about the obstruction, especially since several of us are elderly, use wheelchairs or have small children and push chairs. Nobody should need to walk in the road. This is a busy street and a complex junction. This obstruction means that westbound drivers and cyclists on Chiswell Street cannot see properly around the corner when they are approaching Silk Street, where there is a zebra crossing. The crowd on the footway are a road traffic hazard for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.
I understand from my neighbours that you have already been alerted to this problem, and have sought to take steps to manage your patrons so that they don’t obstruct the footway. However it is clear from the attached pictures that these measures are not working. Can you please let us know what additional measures you intend to take to prevent your customers from blocking the footway.
I would be grateful if you would kindly acknowledge receipt of this email and confirm that the attachments are readable your end. Attachments are 7 photographs, total size approx 600KB.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely
Jane Northcote
Secretary, Cromwell Tower House Group

Here is their response: (14 October 2017)

Dear Jane,

Sorry for the slight delay in getting back to you, I have been off work over the weekend and am only just getting to my emails now.

I am very sorry for quite how busy it has got outside of our venue. I 100% agree that it is never acceptable for anyone to have to walk into the street.

Over the summer we had professional security guards outside during the busy evenings with the main purpose being crowd control. We took the decision to cancel this, as from past experience we didn’t think it would be necessary at this time of year. However as you are well aware it appears that we are wrong with this. I have contacted out security company, and from this week we will have a security guard outside managing the crowds every Thursday and Friday evening, from 4pm until 10pm. I will personally monitor this closely, and if it looks like we need to have one any other night we will not hesitate in getting someone scheduled on.

I’d like to thank you for the manner in which you have brought this to my attention. I am very grateful for the good relationship we have with our neighbours over in the Barbican, and I hope that we can continue our cordial association for many years to come.

I can assure you that we are treating this matter extremely seriously, and I have in fact been in discussion with both our owner Tom and ops manager James about this, and we are all fully committed to fixing this issue to the satisfaction of all concerned.

If you are available I would love to meet for a quick coffee to discuss this further, as well as getting the chance to introduce myself in person. I am in all week and can be pretty flexible with my time.

I’d also like to give you my mobile number, so if you do have any further questions or concerns you can contact me directly any time. 07736315148.

Kind regards,


Eddy Williams

General Manager
The Jugged Hare and Chiswell Street Dining Rooms