For Barbican Estate News from the Estate Office you can sign up to their newsletter on this link. It comes every week, and contains news about events, estate matters, transport, road closures and information about major works and repairs:

Barbican Estate news from the BEO is an excellent resource for all things Barbican. This is a chat room run by residents and for residents, with areas for Discussion (news) and also has recommendations for plumbers etc.

On Barbicantalk there is a page of links to other Barbican websites.

On Barbicantalk on this link is an excellent article by the user “Socktoy” which describes the various Barbican committees and how the Barbican is governed. Socktoy’s article includes the diagram reproduced below, which gives you an idea how committees are related, and is worthy of study if you want to get anything done. The solid black arrows on this chart mean “give instructions to” (more or less). So the BEO get their instructions from the Local Authority hierarchy (Housing Services) and from the Barbican Residential Committee (BRC). Note that the BRC is in pink. It consists of elected councilmen, some of whom are residents, but by no means all. The committees in yellow and blue are composed of residents. The committees in pink are composed of employees and elected members (councilmen) of the City of London.

Diagram by Socktoy, from Barbicantalk (dated March 2015)




(I intend to add here links to

other House Groups Online,




City of London


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