CTHG Minutes 24 January 2017


Minutes of Committee Meeting 24 January 2017

19:00 in the Podium Room

These minutes are VERSION 3 – edited after comment from Luke Barton, 2o April. 

Committee Members:

John Tomlinson (Chairman)

Jane Northcote (Secretary)

Laurance Jones (Treasurer) (absent)

Lesley Bradshaw (absent)

Alan Budgen (absent)

Frances Calman

Christopher Gorman-Evans

Julian Hale

Barbican Estate Officer:

Luke Barton


1.    Welcome

Our Chairman John Tomlinson opened the meeting and welcomed those present.

2.    Apologies for absence

We received apologies for absence from Laurance Jones, Alan Budgen, and Lesley Bradshaw. We understand that Lesley is unwell, and send best wishes for a speedy recovery.

3.    Minutes of the last committee meeting

Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting 27th Sept were approved by those present as a correct record and signed by Julian Hale, acting chairman for that meeting.

Matters Arising from previous COMMITTEE meeting

27th Sept 2016

4.    Carpets (Item 4)

Carpets in the lift lobbies on the 7th and 34th floor were replaced on the 3rd and

4th January 2017. Another two will be replaced during the year starting April 2017, and two more each year thereafter until further notice.

5.    U-turns and bollards (Item 5, and also item 5 of AGM)

Bollards have been installed across the entrance to Cromwell Place to deter traffic from making dangerous U-turns in this pedestrian area. The porters report that they are effective.

6.    Threat Alarm (Item 6, and Item 10 of the AGM minutes)

(a) In previous years there have been problems with the intercom connecting the porter’s desk to the flats (essentially the doorbell for the flat). Luke is monitoring the on-going maintenance cost of repairs to this intercom. The costs occur as this system is different other Towers and can’t be maintained by the Resident Engineers

(b)The Threat Alarm uses elements of the intercom system. This alarm only requires the annual testing (which last took place November 2016).

(c) There are no fire alarms in the communal parts of the building (apart from the car park).

7.    Procedure in the event of Fire (Item 7, and Item 11 of the AGM Minutes)

In September 2016 there was an Independent Fire Risk Assessment of the Barbican and Golden Lane Estates. Luke had expected to deliver to us a report. This is still awaited.

Luke confirmed that the doors of the flats are fire-proof for at least 30 minutes, which is compliant with standards prevailing at the time when the estate was built.

Recent new cabling via the rubbish lockers in the Tower provide a potential route for smoke to travel upwards, and there will be a programme of work to “fire‑stop” the cable holes to prevent smoke penetration.

Action: John Tomlinson to write to Paul Murtagh, Barbican Estate Office, to chase up the Fire Risk Assessment report. As residents, we need up-to-date information on actions to be taken in the event of fire.

8.    Additional Planters for Cromwell Place (Item 8)

Luke will put strong case for plants and planters in Cromwell Place in the financial year 2017/8.

9.    Visitor Parking (Item 9)

There are eight bays available for visitors in the 01 ground level car park, accessed from Cromwell Place. The porters have a list of the bay numbers. These are for short-term use.

Parking in Cromwell Place is limited to 20 minutes, and must not obstruct emergency vehicle routes or the rubbish collection lorries.

10. Parking on the North side of Chiswell Street (Item 10)

Chiswell Street 24 Feb 2107
People walking in the street outside Sundial Court

Vehicles park on the North side of Chiswell Street, opposite the Brewery, where the foot-way and kerbstone disappear. This means people have to walk in the road. That side of the street is in Islington. John has approached Islington Council to ask for a continuous footway, so that pedestrians have a safe route. Chiswell Street is a designated “quietway”, marked with a “Q” on the road. We don’t know the significance of this. It doesn’t seem very quiet at the moment. Walking on the road is still unsafe for pedestrians. 

Action: John Tomlinson will meet Islington Councillor Jenny Kay on the site, on 15th Feb 2017, to find out what’s happening.

11.Bicycle Parking (Item 14)

Christopher Gorman-Evans had noticed cycles fastened to the railings next to the music shop, obstructing the stairs. Although there are cycle stands nearby, these are quickly used up by Guildhall School students and visitors to the Barbican Centre and local businesses. So cycles get fastened to railings.

Luke gave us the contact information for the City officer responsible for cycling. He is: Albert Cheung, citytransportation@cityoflondon.gov.uk

Action: Christopher will contact Mr Cheung, with a view to asking for more cycle parking in the area.

Matters Arising from AGM 1st Dec 2016

Noted above.

Thank you to Alan Budgen for organising the current exhibition of pictures in the 01 Lift Lobby.

12. Replacement for Peter Finch (Item 14 of AGM Minutes)

On 31st August 2016 our lobby porter Peter Finch retired due to ill-health. The Barbican Estate office are currently holding interviews to fill the vacancy.

Any other business

13. Low Emission Neighbourhood – charging points for electric cars in Barbican Car Parks.

The City of London, together with the Mayor Sadiq Khan and the Greater London Authority (GLA), is funding and supporting measures to make the Barbican area a Low Emission Neighbourhood (LEN). The project manager is Ben Kennedy, Ben.Kennedy@cityoflondon.gov.uk.

One measure is to install electric charging points in Barbican Car Parks, as a trial, to encourage the use of electric vehicles. John Tomlinson is Deputy Chairman of the Electric Vehicle Working Party. He reports that spaces have already been identified, including some in the 02 level Car Park in Cromwell. Action is proceeding quickly and we can look forward to having charging points installed with the next few months.

14. Information about the House Group

To inform residents about the work of the house group, John Tomlinson suggested that notices be put up in the lifts listing items under discussion, meeting dates and committee members’ names. 

Action: Luke undertook to draft a notice.

15. Thank you

Committee members applauded the flowering branches currently in the ground floor lobby vases. We thanked Christopher Gorman-Evans for these and the other flower displays he has provided in this public area.


20th April 2017 19:00 Committee Meeting

At this meeting we will allocate tasks for the summer party.

Luke is away 17th April to 8th May. Sarah Styles from the BEO is one of the people covering for him in his absence, and she will attend our meeting.

27th June 2017 19:00 Committee Meeting

27th June 2017 20:00 SUMMER PARTY, following the Committee Meeting

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8pm.