Committee Meeting 29 Oct 2018 MINUTES

Minutes for Committee meeting 29 Oct 2018 19:00 in the Podium Room

For a downloadable printable pdf version of these minutes use this link: Minutes for CTHG Committee Meeting 29 Oct 2018 (V3)

Committee Members:

John Tomlinson (Chairman)
Jane Northcote (Secretary)
Laurance Jones (Treasurer)
Alan Budgen
Frances Calman
Christopher Gorman-Evans
Julian Hale
Mike Bristow

City of London Barbican Estate Officer:
Luke Barton.

1.   Welcome

On behalf of the Committee the Chairman welcomed the following potential Committee Members as guests for this meeting:

Preneeta Mann, Tom Flanagan, Tim Cox, Iain Connor

2.   Apologies for absence

All Committee Members were present.

3.   Minutes of the last committee meeting

The Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting, 26 June 2018 were approved by those present and signed by the Chairman.

Matters Arising from previous Committee meeting,  26 June 2018

4.   Fire Safety

a) Will our flat front doors, and the surrounding area, be replaced or not?

Following the fatal fire at Grenfell Tower, a sample of Barbican Tower front doors and surrounds were tested for fire resistance. Luke reports that he is still waiting for the formal written report stating the results. We understand that the doors and surrounds are sufficiently fire resistant for the stay-put policy to remain valid, and so the flat doors and the surrounding area will not be replaced. In this case, internal redecoration scheduled for earlier this year can go ahead. This will be confirmed only when the formal written report is received, and a course of action approved by the Barbican Residential Committee (BRC).

b) Fire Risk Assessment – report from Frankhams July 2018

The City of London, as Landlord, initiated an independent Fire Risk Assessment. This was done by Frankhams in January 2018. They examined the inside of a selection of flats. The report was published on the City of London website in July 2018 and comments invited. Actions from this assessment included: inspection of car parks and removal of items (complete), removal of items left in communal areas including lift lobbies (ongoing), removal of fire extinguishers (complete), and recommendations for

  • a survey of the PDA (plumbing) lockers, and
  • a survey of compartmentation.
PDA (plumbing) lockers are behind these doors

Both these surveys are complete. Mike McGee, a former senior Barbican engineer,  surveyed the PDA lockers and actions were undertaken by the BEO to remove flammable items. CheckMate have completed their survey of compartmentation. This checked that flats are isolated from each other, so that fire and smoke do not travel from one flat to another. Alterations made to flats have the potential to compromise this isolation, for example by knocking holes into the plumbing ducts. Where problems were found, flat owners have been contacted. The Landlord’s approval process for checking proposed building works has been made more robust, to ensure that no future refurbishments will breach compartmentation.

5.   Electric Car Charging points

This is a trial, funded by the City of London “Low Emission Zone” (LEZ). There are charging points in the Cromwell 03 car park and elsewhere on the Estate. Please contact the BEO (Luke Barton) if you wish to use one.

6.   Arts Centre events

Christopher Gorman-Evans reported from a quarterly meeting between representatives of certain House Groups and the Barbican Association, with the Barbican Centre. The next event which may involve use of spaces outside the Centre is the “Sound Unbound” event in May 2019. No information is yet available as to whether this will affect Cromwell Tower residents. The Centre will communicate further, via these quarterly meetings, as its plans advance.

7.   Rubbish outside the front door – 01 level – Cromwell Place

Paul, our cleaner, has now cleared the alleyway between the bin store and our lobby. The bin store doors are kept closed. Luke has asked the Porters to prevent people from leaving shopping trolleys in this location: Waitrose does not collect them.

8.   Items left in lift lobbies

Following his monitoring and actions, Luke reports that residents now keep the lift lobbies clear. He continues to monitor. He is still, on occasion, finding shopping trollies in communal areas of the Tower, and reminds all residents to take their shopping trollies back to the supermarket.

9.   Bikes on Cromwell Place fences

The railings need painting

The railings along the Beech Street side of Cromwell Place have recently been repainted, repairing damage that is to some extent caused by bikes being chained up there. Bicycles left locked to the iron fences of Cromwell Place will be removed with bolt-cutters. Luke will remind the porters that they should call the BEO to initiate this action.

10.Plants and Planters on Cromwell Place

The large planters near the road in Cromwell Place have a tendency to dry out and look bad. Luke reports that the planters are watered on Mondays and Fridays, and more frequently in hot periods. There is no budget from the Landlord to provide self-watering planters.

We currently have two small planters, one each side of the front door. Some residents would like to have additional small planters, two or possibly three more, one in front of each pillar along the front façade. The Landlord has no budget for this. They cost £1200-£1500 for each small planter, that is about £12-15 per typical flat, per planter.

Do we want one planter in front of each pillar?

Action:The Committee will ask the AGM if House Group Members should be balloted to see if they are willing to pay for this via the service charge.

Action:Luke will ask the Open Spaces team to confirm that they would water and maintain such planters bought by residents.

11.Art in the 01 Lobby

Thank you to Alan Budgen, who organises this programme of art displays. After the current exhibition by Neelu Patel, there will be an exhibition of photographs from a local photographer.

12.Freeview problems

Problems with the TV service provided by VFM were reported at our previous meeting. VFM has now engaged a different sub-contractor for customer service. Residents should no longer be asked for credit card details when they report a problem.

13.Committee Members

If the four potential new Committee Members listed above wish to stand, they will be proposed for election at the AGM.


14.Membership Lists and Registered Tenants Association return to the City of London

Cromwell Tower House Group is a Recognised Tenants Associations (RTA). This recognition gives us the ability to make representations to the City of London, our landlord.

Cromwell has an opt-in membership system: people join the House Group. Many other House Groups in the Barbican have an opt-out membership system: residents and long-leaseholders are deemed to be members unless they state otherwise.

After a discussion, the Committee reached a consensus that we should consider moving to an opt-out system, and also take the opportunity to modernise the constitution of the House Group. Such a change needs approval from a general meeting of the membership of the House Group.

Secretary’s note: Members of the Committee looked in detail at this issue after the Committee Meeting. It will be discussed at a future Committee Meeting, and then specific changes proposed to a Special General Meeting of the House Group Members. 21 days’ notice will given of this Special General Meeting and all House Group members will be invited.

15.Light Pollution

A house group member wrote to John Tomlinson asking the house group to take up the issue of light pollution around the Barbican in the evening and overnight. John has asked the member to email Luke with his concerns, also Jonathan Poyner in the Barbican Centre. The City of London has also recently issued a Lighting Strategy, which includes measures to address light pollution.

16.Ongoing concrete repairs and people appearing unannounced on the balcony

Lift notice about concrete works (click to enlarge)

The notified time-window for concrete works has long passed. But people are still arriving on the balconies without notice.  The work appears to be ongoing.

We asked Luke to note and feedback the following comments:

  1. Can we please have an updated timetable of works: when will they end?
  2. It is unacceptable for people to appear unannounced on the balcony. This is a security problem and an invasion of privacy. For all future works, and for the remainder of this contract, we asked Luke to ensure that operatives buzz up before appearing outside our windows.

17.Health – do we want a defibrillator in the Tower?

defibrillator is a device that gives a high energy electric shock to the heart through the chest wall to someone who is in cardiac arrest (“heart attack”). The British Heart Foundation website says:

There are many defibrillators available in public places such as train stations, shopping centres, airport and leisure centres. These defibrillators are often known as public access defibrillators (PAD) as anyone can use them in an emergency.

There may be a case for keeping such a device in Cromwell.

We understand that there is a defibrillator in Lauderdale Tower.

Action:We will ask Lauderdale Tower about the arrangement, and consider consulting the London Ambulance Service if this is a good idea. A volunteer is needed to take this action forward.

18.Security and the lift lobby doors

Inner door to lift lobby: do we want to replace it with an automatic door?

The inner door from the main entrance to the lift lobby is locked when a temporary porter is on duty. This heavy door is hard to manage for those in wheelchairs or with push chairs, although the porter often helps. So there is a suggestion that we could consider a fob-operated automatic door. There is one in Shakespeare. The cost of such a door, and its ongoing maintenance, wouldbe borne by Long Leaseholders via the service charge.

Action:The Committee agreed to raise this at the AGM and see what the level of interest is, before taking any further steps. The cost for the Shakespeare door was around £8000 or about £80 per typical flat, although this figure needs to be confirmed.

There is a bell to call the porter if you are in the lift lobby and need help to move the door.

19.Noise from Finsbury Square and elsewhere

Alan Budgen has identified a source of noise which has disturbed residents in the Tower. It comes from the roof terrace of the Montcalm on the North side of Finsbury Square.  Islington Public Protection team will investigate. If you are disturbed by noise from the Finsbury Square area, please contact Islington: 020 7527 7272.

If the noise comes from the Jugged Hare, the Brewery or other local venues in the City and their patrons, the people to call are the City Environmental Health team. Their number is 020 7606 3030, staffed 24 hours. After the event, email

The greater the number of residents that complain about a noise disturbance, the more likely it is that the local authorities will take action.


The AGM and Christmas Party are in the Podium Room on:

29thNovember 2018 starting at 7pm

The next Committee Meeting is 26thMarch 2019, at 7pm in the Podium Room.

Committee Meeting 26 June 2018 MINUTES

Minutes for Committee meeting 26 June 2018 19:00 in the Podium Room

For a downloadable printable pdf version of these minutes use this link: Minutes for CTHG Committee Meeting 26 June 2018 (version 2)

Committee Members:

John Tomlinson (Chairman)
Jane Northcote (Secretary)
Laurance Jones (Treasurer)
Alan Budgen (absent)
Frances Calman
Christopher Gorman-Evans (absent)
Julian Hale
Mike Bristow (absent)

City of London
Barbican Estate Officer:
Luke Barton

1.   Welcome

John Tomlinson opened the meeting at 7pm and welcomed those present.

2.   Apologies for absence

We received apologies for absence from Mike Bristow, Alan Budgen, and Christopher Gorman-Evans.

3.   Minutes of the last committee meeting

The Minutes of the previous Committee Meeting, 5thMarch 2018 were approved by those present. They are to be signed by Christopher Gorman-Evans who was acting Chairman for that meeting.

Matters Arising from previous Committee meeting,  5th March 2018

(for details please see the minutes:Committee Meeting 5th March 2018 MINUTES)

4.   Fire Safety

a) What is the Fire resistance of our front doors? Will our flat front doors, and surrounding area, be replaced or not?

Front door – tested as resistant for 36 minutes

Our front doors are resistant to 36 minutes. Here is the extract from the Barbican Residential Committee(BRC)Meeting 4thJune 2018 draft minutes:

“Members noted that fire testing of doors had taken place the previous Saturday, attended by some Members and officers, including RCC Members, and the Assistant Director advised that the test had gone well, with a combustion point of 36 minutes. Members also noted that the Fire Risk Assessments had not raised significant concerns on compartmentation.”

Although no final decision has been taken, the most probable outcome as a consequence of this fire resistance is that the front doors will not be replaced.

Luke reported that we are now awaiting an updateon the internal redecoration plan, which was paused awaiting a decision on replacement.

b) Are sprinklers going to be installed in the Tower?

Following discussion at the 4thJune BRC meeting, and the outcome of the Fire Risk Assessments, it is now unlikelythat retrofitting sprinklers will be recommended.

c) Fire Risk Assessment – has it been done for this Tower?

The independent Fire Risk Assessment has been done for the Tower. This was a “Grade 4” assessment where the assessor, Franklins, examined the inside of a selection of flats. The report will be published in July 2018.

Secretary’s note: this Fire Risk Assessment is now on the City of London Website and you can download this pdf via this link: cromwell-tower-FRA-January 2018

5.   Electric Car Charging points

Electric Car Charging points are now installed in various car parks in the Barbican, including three spaces in Cromwell 03 Car Park. The installation was promoted and funded by the City of London Low Emission Zone, who are also paying for the electricity in the short term.

If you would like one of these spaces, please contact the Barbican Estate Office Car Parking Team.

6.   Rubbish in the Car Parks

At the last meeting Luke updated us as below.

‘The cleaners have and should be removing obvious rubbish from the Car Parks regularly. The Estate Services Manager has confirmed that we can start to remove anything from parking bays that should not be there. If youhave anything in your parking bay that is not a car you should be prepared to remove it or it will be cleared away (eg oil cans, trolleys, child seats, scooters, and toys etc). Initially these items will be stickered with a date after which time they willbe disposed of.’

Luke now reports that all items will be removed from the Car Parks after July 9th2018.

7.   Jugged Hare drinkers blocking the pavement

Since the previous meeting, we have had one further instance (23rdMay) of Jugged Hare patrons blocking the pavement. This was resolved by Eddy Williams, the manager.

If anyone sees the pavement blocked, forcing passers-by into the road, please send a photograph, with time and date, to Jane (

8.   Arts Centre events and use of the Beech St Tunnel

There are some more events planned. Christopher Gorman-Evans is representing Cromwell Tower residents at the consultation meetings with the Arts Centre. He has  given them comments on the March 2018 sound and light event. He has also collected and contributed comments, via the Barbican Association, on the Barbican Centre’s “Visitor Plan”. This Visitor Plan covers such points as communication with residents prior to outdoor events, managing noise from events in the Garden Room and Sculpture Court, and rules for coaches and other vehicles associated with the Centre.

There will be future events and consultations:

“The Arts Centre is planning another “Sound Unbound” weekend next year – the Barbican/GSMD/LSO. Most of the events will take place indoors but there will be some outside. The Arts Centre suggests setting up a small working group with residents to ensure that it goes off smoothly. “

“[To introduce] Clarisse Tavin, of the City’s Department of the Built Environment (Culture Mile), because she wants to consult residents about another proposed closure (part closure this time, I think) this summer in order to install an artwork on the panels on the south side of the tunnel. The art work is, I believe, static but installing it will involve closing part of Beech Street and presumably some noise.” (email from Jane Smith, Barbican Association, 19thJune 2018)

9.   Rubbish outside the front door – 01 level – Cromwell Place

In our previous meeting, we asked Luke to investigate how to improve the area outside our main front entrance, where the bins are stored. Luke reports that Paul, our cleaner, has now cleared the ‘alleyway’ between the bin store and our lobby.

Lobby Porters have been asked to prevent people storing supermarket trollies in this area. The cleaners and porters will ensure that doors to the Bin Store are kept closed. The Bin Store floor has also been cleaned.

There remains the problem of cigarette butts being dropped outside the front door.

10.Items left in lift lobbies

Luke has been inspecting balconies and lift lobbies, removing items to ensure that these areas are clear in accordance with Fire Safety advice. He reports that he is now down to floor 14. He is satisfied that people are mostly observing the need to keep lobbies and balconies clear for firefighters, firefighting equipment, and for resident exit routes.


The next Committee Meeting is at on 29thOctober 2018 7pm

The AGM and Christmas Party is on29thNovember 2018 7pm


12.Committee Members

The Committee would benefit from additional members, so that the Committee represents more of the Tower, and so that we have sufficient Committee members to represent the Tower on various working parties.

All residents are eligible to serve on the Committee, including City tenants, private tenants, and long leaseholders. Residents who are able and willing to serve on the Committee are encouraged to contact John Tomlinson,

Jane Northcote has been the Committee Secretary for three years. She is now looking to hand over to someone else. The Committee thanked her for her contribution. She will hand over the role at the meeting after the next AGM.

13.Bikes on Cromwell Place Fences

There are currently notices on the fence of Cromwell Place asking cyclists not to lock their bikes to the railings. Cycles are increasingly being locked here. Effective immediately, Luke will ask the porters to alert the BEO when bikes are locked to the railings. A BEO staff member will then come with bolt-cutters, remove the bike and take it to a storage location.

The Committee suggested that Luke consider a procedure for informing the bike owner what had happened to their bike.

Christopher is in touch with the City to request more bike racks in the area, including in Silk Street, and he has asked the Barbican Centre to support this request.

14.Plants and Planters on Cromwell Place

There are a number of issues with the planters on Cromwell Place. The big containers near the road are maintained by the BEO. The plants in the big planters dried out and looked in poor condition during the dry weather. Passers-by throw cans into these containers, treating them like rubbish bins.

Committee members asked Luke why these are in such poor condition, when the planting in big containers near Lauderdale is similar, but those are better cared for and look much healthier.  There are also healthy and cared-for plants on Silk Street and on Speed Highwalk.

The small containers directly outside the front doors are planted and maintained by Cromwell residents Julian Hale and Helen Likierman. Despite the dry weather, these small containers have colourful and flourishing displays.

Some people would like to see more planters in Cromwell Place, one in front of each pillar.

Luke will provide a watering schedule for the planters, so we understand why they dry out. He will also sort out who is responsible for removing rubbish from the planted containers.

Luke explained that if Cromwell residents want additional planters, then residents will have to pay for them. He will obtain prices, and find out if additional planters would be maintained by the BEO. He will also arrange for Paul Baldessari, the new Director of Open Spaces, to visit a meeting of the Garden Advisory Group. This is a Barbican-wide working party of the Residents Consultation Committee (RCC). They have already identified Cromwell Place as an area needing attention.

15.Art in the 01 Lobby

image007A new artist has just installed her work in the 01 Lift Lobby. She is Neelu Patel, who is the sister of Kalpesh, our porter., and on Twitter @neelupatel1973.

Thank you to Alan Budgen, who organises this programme of art displays.

16.Freeview problems

There is a television freeview service provided by VFM. This service has had problems recently, reported by John Tomlinson at this meeting, and also by other residents of the estate on Barbicantalk. VFM have a contract with the BEO, but they have subcontracted service of this freeview operation to another company. This other company declares it will charge a call-out fee if the problem is found to be the ‘resident’s installation’. The situation when the problem is estate-wide seems to be unclear. In any case, VFM is not providing the service it was contracted to provide, and Luke will take this issue up with Mike Saunders.

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8pm precisely, as people started to arrive for the Summer Party.

Committee Meeting 5th March 2018 MINUTES

To download  the Minutes  of our Committee Meeting 5th March 2018 as a printable pdf document, click this link: Minutes for CTHG 5 March 2018 version 3 (pdf)

Below are the minutes as a webpage with pictures:

Date for your diary: Cromwell Tower House Group Summer Party

June 26th 2018 – 8pm – Podium Room

All residents invited.  


Committee meeting 5th March 19:00 in the Podium Room, Minutes of meeting

Committee Members:

John Tomlinson (Chairman) (apologies received, he was at the RCC)
Jane Northcote (Secretary)
Laurance Jones (Treasurer) (apologies received)
Mike Bristow (apologies received)
Alan Budgen
Frances Calman (apologies received)
Christopher Gorman-Evans
Julian Hale

Barbican Estate Officer:

Luke Barton

1.  Welcome

In John Tomlinson’s absence, Christopher Gorman-Evans agreed to chair this meeting. We welcomed David Candy, a resident of the Tower, as a potential new Committee member.

2.  Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Mike Bristow, John Tomlinson, Frances Calman. Laurance Jones had hoped to join us, but was in hospital. We send him our good wishes and hopes for a speedy recovery.

3.  Minutes of the last committee meeting: 27th Sept 2017

The minutes of our 27th Sept 2017 meeting were approved as accurate, and signed by Julian Hale who was acting Chairman at that meeting.

Matters Arising from previous COMMITTEE meeting

27th Sept 2017

4.  Fire Safety

Luke gave us an update on the current position and answered our questions. His answers are below.
a) What is the Fire resistance of our front doors? Will our flat front doors, and surrounding area, be replaced or not?

Answer: A front door section from Shakespeare is being sent away for destruction testing. Once the results have been received, along with the Fire Risk Assessments, reports will go to the Barbican Estate Residents Consultation Committee (RCC) and Barbican Residential Committee (BRC).

b) Are sprinklers going to be installed in the Tower?

Answer: It’s highly unlikely that sprinklers will be installed in the Towers at this time.

c) What about the Fire Extinguishers?

Answer: The advice of the London Fire Brigade is that the Fire Extinguishers should be removed from all the common parts areas on the Estate. In the event of a Fire, people should prioritise calling the Fire Brigade and getting to safety as needed. All the Fire Extinguishers will be removed, including those in the Car Parks at the same time.

d) There was a London Fire Brigade Training exercise in Cromwell Tower on 14 Feb. What did we learn?

Answer: The Training exercise was very useful to both the London Fire Brigade and the Barbican Estate Office (BEO). The firefighters were able to test new equipment and had very positive feedback for the provisions put in place by the BEO. The test showed that the Fire Brigade can easily access and use the Fire Service Information that is held in the Tower. The porter(s) are well briefed and able to direct them to the various areas of the Tower as required. The exercise confirmed that the “stay put” policy is correct: firefighters use the fire stairs for access and for their equipment, which constricts access along the stairwell. Anyone trying to exit past them while they are ‘firefighting’ will find it very difficult to pass them on the stairs. Further to this the lobbies that are used to set up become very constricted so unless you are directly affected by smoke or fire the advice to remain in your property still stands.

Here are some pictures from the exercise:

e) Fire Risk Assessment – has it been done for this Tower?

Answer: The Fire Risk Assessor (Carl Dennis of Frankhams) has visited the Tower and visited a number of flats. He still has some common part areas of the Estate to visit before completing his report which will be reviewed and then made available on the COL website.

It worth is noting that some of the flats we visited still didn’t have smoke alarms. You can still arrange to get smoke alarms installed by the London Fire Brigade by contacting them on 0800 028 44 28


5.  Art in the 01 Lobby

There’s a new exhibition in the lobby! Thank you Alan.

6.  Electric Car Charging points

Luke reported that there will be Electric Car Park points in the 02 or 03 levels of the Car Park under Cromwell. The wiring is in place. This prototype was due to start November or December 2017. This start date is now delayed until May 2018 because there is a problem that in order to connect the system, it looks as though UK Power Networks will need to interrupt the local power supply.

7.  Rubbish in the Car Parks

Luke reported back. He told us:

‘The cleaners have and should be removing obvious rubbish from the Car Parks regularly. The Estate Services Manager has confirmed that we can start to remove anything from parking bays that should not be there. If you have anything in your parking bay that is not a car you should be prepared to remove it or it will be cleared away (eg oil cans trolleys and toys etc). Initially these items will be stickered with a date after which time they will be disposed of.’

8.  CTHG response to Mike Saunders’ proposal for internal redecoration

On 17th August 2017 residents received a letter from Mike Saunders proposing internal redecoration of Cromwell Tower. Most of this is repainting the woodwork on and around the front doors of our flats. Since there is a study in progress, Item 4 above, to evaluate the possibility of replacing all this woodwork and upgrading its fire resistance, it didn’t make sense to repaint it at that point. Jane wrote a letter on behalf of the House Group to ask that this redecoration be delayed until the result of the fire-resistance study is known. Then the schedule can be adjusted. The House Group Committee emphasised the importance of maintaining the internal redecoration programme, without too much of a gap. Luke confirmed that the redecoration will simply be delayed, and certainly not missed out altogether. As noted above, we are still awaiting the results of the test on the fire resistance of the door from Shakespeare, so the redecoration is on hold.

9.  Huge puddles on Cromwell Highwalk

IMG_3094 (1)There is a huge puddle on the Podium, by the steps next to the disused Exhibition Hall entrance. This is inconvenient for pedestrians, and degrades the tiling. Beech Street Gardens work is planned to be continued towards Cromwell, and the drains would be fixed as part of this work. The work is currently scheduled for Autumn 2019. There is so far no decision on whether the Exhibition Hall entrance (“Yellow Corridor”) will be removed as part of this work.


10.         General Data Protection Regulation – Advice for House Groups (Barbican Association General Council meeting 21 Sept 2017)

The regulation will apply from 25th May 2018. It may apply to CTHG because our membership secretary holds a list of members, as required by the Registered Tenants Association rules.

Action: Christopher will write to Jane Smith at the Barbican Association (BA) to ask for specific advice.

11.         Update on Barbican lease enforcement issues, specifically: Pets, Wooden Floors, Short-term holiday lets

The lease specifies that living areas are to be carpeted, pets are not allowed and short-term holiday lets (‘AirBnB’) are also not permitted. Barbican Estate officers want guidance on how to respond to lease infringements. They prepared a paper which was discussed in the Barbican Estate Residents Consultation Committee (RCC) meeting, Dec 11th 2017.  The resulting protocol, which sets out the procedure for the BEO to follow, was passed by the RCC meeting 5th March 2018 and is awaiting approval by the Barbican Residential Committee (BRC) meeting 19th March 2018.

On short-term holiday lets, Luke reported that the BEO have been taking enforcement action, and this has been effective. If anyone sees that a flat is used for short-term holiday let, please let Luke know.

12.         Noise from kitchen vent in the Jugged Hare

A committee member had been contacted in Sept 2017 by a resident whose family is disturbed by a very noisy ventilator fan from the kitchen at the Jugged Hare.

This ventilator is not only noisy, it also emits kitchen smells. The problem is greater in summer.

Action: Luke to follow up with the resident, and let the House Group Committee know if the problem persists. We can then take it up with the Jugged Hare.

Matters Arising from The AGM Nov 28th 2017

13.         Jugged Hare drinkers blocking the pavement

After the November 2017 AGM minutes were issued, the problem with Jugged Hare patrons blocking the pavement has recurred. A house group member sent Jane a picture of Jugged Hare patrons blocking the pavement on 10 Jan 2018 at 7pm. Jane wrote to the Jugged Hare and they responded. Their CCTV showed that this obstruction occurred during a 15 minute period and was soon cleared. They said that they were taking the matter seriously and were working to prevent recurrances. We will continue to try to resolve this issue by maintaining a dialogue with the Jugged Hare. There have been no recent problems but the weather has been very cold.  If anyone sees the pavement blocked, forcing passers-by into the road, please send a photograph to Jane (


14.         Carpets in the Lift Lobbies

A house group member queried how the carpet replacement programme worked, since the carpet on his floor was fine and didn’t need replacing.

Luke gave us an update. Four carpets will be replaced in the next two months. These are carpets in poor condition on the 5th, 11th, 17th, 18th floors.  After this, there remain 12 which have not yet been replaced as part of the current programme. Some of these are in good condition. Luke does an inspection and manages the replacement programme. The ones in poorest condition are replaced first, regardless of age. Sometimes a carpet is damaged by use or by leakage onto the carpet from rubbish bags. We are currently replacing two per year. This will be reviewed once all the carpets in a bad state have been replaced. The cost of this is shared by all flats in the Tower and goes on the service charge.

15.         Beech Street Tunnel event (16th 17th 18th March)

The Barbican Centre will stage a classical music event in the Beech St Tunnel. This will close the tunnel for certain periods around the weekend of 18th March. Our House Group and other House Groups welcomed the partial closure of the tunnel to traffic, which will improve air quality, albeit temporarily, and we look forward to a world class event on our doorstep. With other House Groups we submitted an objection on the grounds that the event organisers had not sorted out access to Cromwell Place, noise containment, crowd dispersal and other issues.

By the time these minutes are distributed, residents should have received a communication from the Barbican Centre: two A4 printed sheets, including an access map. Access to Cromwell Place will be restricted.

16.         Rubbish outside the front door – 01 level – Cromwell Place

Bin store outside the front entrance of Cromwell Tower

a) Bin store – to the left of the door as you leave the building.

This bin store and the surrounding area are often a mess. There may be a problem that, with increased deliveries to the Tower in cardboard boxes, this storage area is no longer large enough for our needs.

Action: Luke to speak with our cleaner, Paul, and see what can be improved.

b) Storage of traffic cones, brown food bin, Waitrose trollies, cigarette butts, in this area

Currently there is the brown food bin, traffic cones, and a number of Waitrose trollies on Cromwell Place outside the bin store.

There is no Waitrose trolley “collection service” from Cromwell Tower.

Action: Luke will investigate further, with the aim of tidying up this area.

17.         Items left in lift lobbies

The Committee has heard concerns from House Group members about shopping trollies, rubbish bags and cardboard boxes being left in the lift lobbies over the weekend and during the day.

The Fire Exercise (Item 4 above) showed how important it is that lift lobbies are clear so that firefighters can manoeuvre their equipment.

Action: Luke will investigate and if needed, re-issue the notice about the procedure for rubbish disposal.

18.         DATES

Tuesday 26th June 2018, 7pm Committee Meeting

Tuesday 26th June 2018, 8pm Summer Party

The acting Chairman closed the meeting at 20:15.


Committee Meeting 27th June 2017 MINUTES

Here are the Minutes  of our Committee Meeting 27th June 2017 as a downloadable pdf document:

MINUTES for CTHG (27 June 2017)Version 2

Here are the minutes as a webpage with pictures:


MINUTES for Committee meeting 27 June 2017

19:00 in the Podium Room

Committee Members:

John Tomlinson (Chairman)
Jane Northcote (Secretary)
Laurance Jones (Treasurer)
Lesley Bradshaw
Alan Budgen
Frances Calman
Christopher Gorman-Evans (absent)
Julian Hale

Barbican Estate Officer:
Luke Barton

1.    Welcome

The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed those present. Mike Bristow, Cromwell resident, joined the meeting as a potential new Committee member.

The Committee noted that there was much to discuss concerning Fire Risk, Fire Precautions and actions to be taken in the event of Fire. Accordingly, we agreed to convene an additional CTHG Committee meeting to focus on this important topic. This meeting was held the following day: 28 June 2017, and the Minutes of this additional meeting are on this link.

2.    Apologies for absence

Apologies were received from Christopher Gorman-Evans.

3.    Minutes of the previous committee meeting

The minutes of April 20th 2017 were approved by the Committee and signed by the Chairman as a correct record.

Matters Arising from previous COMMITTEE meeting 20 April 2017

4.    Threat Alarm

See Minutes of meeting on Fire Safety.

5.    Fire Risk Assessment

See Minutes of meeting on Fire Safety.

6.    Bicycle Parking

Christopher Gorman-Evans had noticed cycles fastened to the railings next to the music shop, obstructing the stairs. Although there are cycle stands nearby, these are quickly used up. So cycles get fastened to railings.

Christopher is in contact Albert Cheung,, with a view to asking for more cycle parking in the area.

7.    Information about the House Group

To inform residents about the work of the house group, John Tomlinson suggested that notices be put up in the lifts listing items under discussion, meeting dates and committee members’ names. Luke has drafted a notice. Committee members were keen that the existing useful information in the lifts was included in this notice (contact information for the House Officer, the Porters, and the Repairs Line).

Action: John to review Luke’s draft

8.    New Porters

Kalpesh Patel and Abdi Harouma have joined our existing porters Flo and Andrew to make our team of four porters in Cromwell Tower. Abdi joined recently. A notice will appear in the lifts to introduce him. Please say hello to our new porters.

9.    Void Space

There is a planning application to transform the Void space at the base of Cromwell Tower into a residential dwelling. This is awaiting Landlord’s approval. This new residence will have its entrance at Mezzanine level.

10.Cromwell Tower House Group Online

These minutes and other documents, including the Fire Risk Assessment are now online at

Action: Jane to continue to develop this website, and acquire the domain
DONE: This domain now acquired and in operation

11.Art in the 01 Lobby

Alan Budgen reports that the Van Gogh exhibition of art by Guildhall Students was very well received by residents. It will be taken down within the next few weeks. The next exhibition will be by a local photographer.


12. Licence application by The Brewery

The Brewery on Chiswell Street has applied for a licence to supply alcohol and entertainment in a property on the North side of Chiswell Street, nos. 41-46. They apply to do this until midnight on Mon and Tues, 1am on Wednesday, and 2am Thursday to Saturday, 11pm on Sunday. The noise inside the venue won’t be a problem as it is underground. The problem is rowdy partygoers leaving in the small hours, plus associated mini-cab noise. Many residents will remember the problems with “Parker MacMillan” in the same location. Individual residents have submitted objections. In addition, the Committee agreed that we should submit an objection as a registered tenants association.

Action: Jane to draft and submit an objection by the deadline, which is 28th June.
DONE: Here is the objection as a downloadable document:
CTHG Objection to 41-46 Chiswell St(pdf)

13. Jugged Hare patrons obstructing the pavement

Drinkers at the Jugged Hare pub tend to block the pavement on the Chiswell Street side. Passers-by are then obliged to walk in the roadway, which is dangerous. Following a request from John Tomlinson and others, pub staff now encourage drinkers to stay close to the pub and not obstruct the pavement. Drinkers are not allowed to use the pavement on the Silk Street side as this creates noise disturbance.

14. Car parking Charges increase

The City of London made proposals for a large increase in Car Parking charges. Following representations from residents and elected representatives, the proposal has been withdrawn for the time being. It is now subject of a Working Party under the Barbican Residential Committee (BRC). John Tomlinson is a member of the Working Party.

16. Electric Car Charging points

Prototype Electric Car charging points will be introduced into Car Parks around the Barbican. There will be some in Cromwell Car parks. They will be in place within a few months, September 2017.

17. Rubbish in the Car Parks

There is rubbish on the floor of the Car Park – crisp packets, rubbish bags and other waste. This is surprising, as the Car Parks should be being cleaned daily.

Action: Luke to check the cleaning schedule and inspect to ensure the Car Parks cleanliness is up to the required standard.

18. Cables going into the basement

Thick orange cables lead from the Barbican Centre into the basement of Cromwell, over the entrance of the 02 Car Park. At first they looked temporary. Now they are more substantial and have been there a number of months. What are they?

Action: Luke to discover what they are and how we can know they are safe.

19. Planters in Cromwell Place

The newly planted and colourful flowers in the tubs outside the front door of Cromwell are the work of Helen Likierman and Julian Hale. We thank them for their initiative and energy and for funding the planting. Julian said that if the BEO would provide further planters, for example one in front of each pillar, then he and Helen would stock them with plants. The minutes of our meeting on 21st June 2016 state that Luke will put in a strong case for additional planters in the year 2017/18.

20. Changes to the Committee

Lesley Bradshaw announced her intention not to stand for re-election at the next AGM. The Chairman thanked Lesley for her contribution to the work of the House Group and to the Tower in general. Lesley’s heartfelt representations concerning the lobby redevelopment meant that the implemented design was better for everyone.


Next Committee meeting: 7pm Monday September 25th 2017

AGM and Christmas Party: Wednesday November 29th 2017

What is the Cromwell Tower House Group?

The Cromwell Tower House Group is the body recognised by the City of London and the Barbican Association as representing the residents of Cromwell Tower.  

All Cromwell residents are encouraged to join. To join the House Group at any time, please contact Frances Calman (flat 232). The joining fee is currently £5 per flat. This is a once-off payment. There is no annual fee. The Annual General Meeting is in November or December each year and is open to all members of the House Group.  

Between the Annual General Meetings, issues that arise are addressed by the Cromwell Tower House Group Committee, whose names are listed at the top of these minutes. This is a group of Cromwell residents, elected at the Annual General Meeting, who give their time to address issues affecting the Tower. We generally meet once a quarter. Minutes of these meetings are circulated to all flats in the Tower. We also meet members of the Barbican Estate Office and other organisations, as needed, to represent the interests of Cromwell Tower residents. If you would like to raise an issue, or would like to participate in the resolution of any of the items described in these minutes, please contact the Chairman, John Tomlinson (flat 133), or any other Committee member.

CTHG Minutes 21st June 2016


Minutes for the Committee meeting 21st June 2016

19:30 in the Podium Room

Committee Members:

John Tomlinson (Chairman)

Jane Northcote (Secretary)

Laurance Jones (Treasurer)

Lesley Bradshaw

Alan Budgen

Frances Calman

Christopher Gorman-Evans

Julian Hale

Barbican Estate Office:

Luke Barton (House Officer)

1.    Welcome

2.    Apologies for absence – All members present.

3.    Minutes of the last committee meeting

Minutes of the CTHG on 14th March were signed by the Chairman as an accurate record.

Matters from previous meetingS

4.    Carpet renewal – issue now resolved

The two carpets on floors 30 and 3 have been replaced. These carpets cost £3372 each, which is recharged to the whole block. This will appear as an addition of about £70 to the Service Charge of a typical flat. Luke proposed a replacement schedule of two carpets per year, and the committee accepted this proposal. The replacement schedule will be reviewed in future years if needed.

5.    Void space development – use of mezzanine

Planning permission has been granted to transform the Void space at ground, podium and mezzanine levels into a flat. There is no start date yet agreed for the building work. When the Void space is developed, the Mezzanine will provide access to the new flat, and so will need to be clear.

As the Mezzanine level lobby is currently used informally as a storage space for items awaiting recycling. Luke is currently investigating options.

6.    Beech St./Silk St. junction.

We have requested that the vehicle entrance to Cromwell Place be reduced in width so as to discourage taxis and lorries making dangerous U turns. This work will be funded by the City of London.

Luke is seeking approval from the Planning department of the City. He is awaiting a meeting to agree the plans and funding.

It is now 12 months since the initial request.

John will talk to the relevant City department with the intention to expedite matters.

7.    Threat alarm and intercom

There are a number of difficulties with the combined threat alarm system and intercom. This is supplied and maintained by Antron, a private firm.

  • The Threat Alarm has been tested but John Tomlinson and Laurance Jones did not hear it.
  • There are intermittent problems with the intercom, which have caused considerable inconvenience to several residents. Antron have been called out a number of times, at a cost to leaseholders, last year, of some £6000 for the block.

The Cromwell system is different from that in the other towers. It could potentially be replaced by the simpler system used by the other Towers. This simpler system does not include the alarm. In this case the maintenance would be done by Resident Engineers which is cheaper and quicker than Antron.

Action: Luke to

(1) Find out about Fire Safety and Fire Alarms: do we need a Fire Alarm? What do the other Towers do?

(2) Investigate the long-term plan for security and visitor entry to the Towers.

(3) Discover the date for the next test of the Threat Alarm, ideally in September.

(4) Investigate options for replacing the intercom, with or without the alarm.

8.    Additional planters for Cromwell Place

There has been a long-standing request for additional planters following an incomplete replacement last year (2015). The plants in the containers just outside the doors are not in a good state, and the island in Cromwell Place needs attention.


Luke – will put in a strong case for large planters for Cromwell Place for the 2017/8 year.

John – will ask the Gardens Advisory Group to ensure steps are taken to improve the quality of planting in Cromwell Place planters and island.

9.    Concrete Repairs

(a) Major Concrete repairs done in August 2013:

There is an ongoing dispute between the Barbican Association, representing residents, and the City as landlord, regarding who should pay for concrete repairs and remedial work done in August 2013. John Tomlinson reported that experts commissioned by the City have now delivered technical answers to queries. The City lawyers are now initiating proceedings against anyone who has withheld payment. The Barbican Association is considering options.

(b) Repairs to concrete in internal exposed areas: e.g. on inside of balconies

Some residents have noticed that the concrete has flaked off the inside of balcony walls, exposing rusting steel re-inforcement bars.

Luke reported that repairs will start in the next 6 months. The contract will go out to tender in the next 3 months. The cost will come through on the Service Charge. The City surveyor advises that the rusty steel bars will not deteriorate markedly before the repairs occur.

10.Visitor parking.

The former visitor parking spaces in 01 ground level car park are now in use to provide disabled parking. Porters now send visitors to spare spaces in 02 or 03 car parks. This means that visitors must be given garage entry keys.

The Committee asked that the BEO reserve four places in the 01 level for visitor parking and as a contingency for future disabled use.

Luke reported that so far no more spaces have become available in the 01 car park, and that as soon as spaces are released they will be retained for Cromwell visitors.

11.Noise issues – Brewery.

If any resident is disturbed by noise from the Brewery please tell them, and report the time of the noise:

24-hour Manned Reception (Brewery) 0207 065 5700

Brewery Duty Manager Mobile 07920 203 823

It would also be helpful if you could tell the City’s Pollution Control team:

Call 020 7606 3030 to report noise and request immediate action or

email to notify them after the event.

Also please email John Tomlinson: This is so we can take an informed view of the size of the problem and use data to make a case for action.

12.Bright lights from St Paul’s area – issue now resolved

Flats on the South of the Tower have been flooded by light intended to illuminate St Paul’s. Christopher has been in correspondence with the City of London Environmental Health Officer, Rachel Sambells. These lights will now be turned off. LED lights will be installed which can be more accurately directed. We are optimistic that this will solve the problem.

13. Service Charges Working party

The first meeting of the Service Charges Working party will be on 27th June. Jane will be participating. The broad aim is to ensure that processes are in place to manage, control and forecast service charges so that costs to leaseholders are contained and predictable, and service quality are maintained.

14. Parking on the North side of Chiswell Street

A better footway arrangement will be built on North side of Chiswell St outside Sundial Court to protect pedestrians as part of Islington’s “Quietways” programme. We hope that this improvement will be made in 2016.

Action: John to request an update

15.Glue Lines on each side of Utility doors – issue closed

On some floors there are glue lines, straight or wavy, each side of the utility doors in the lift lobbies. These were made by contractors who secured protective sheeting to the utility doors with glue. On the 23 Feb 2016 Laurance Jones raised this issue with Steve Murray, Property Services Team Manager,

City of London Corporation. Luke reported Steve Murray’s view that removing the glue lines would make the cleaned area paler. This would be unsightly.

We decided to take no further action to clean existing lines.

Action: Luke will alert fellow House Officers to this problem. If plans for renovations include asbestos removal, House Officers will include in the Planning Approval an instruction not to stick sheeting to visible areas of concrete.

16. Lobby door banging on Ground Floor – issue resolved

On 24 Feb 2016 Luke noted that the front door was banging. The brake on the door has failed, so the door closed violently, possibly endangering the glass.

Luke says this has now been fixed and is awaiting redecoration.

17. Broken tiles and Chewing Gum on Cromwell Place – issue resolved

Broken tiles have been mended. Removing chewing gum is now a routine part of the cleaning services actions.

18. Items left in Lobbies

On certain floors, there are bicycles, shoes and other items in the lift lobbies. This is in contravention of the lease, and a fire hazard. Over recent months Luke has taken action to enforce fire regulations and get items removed from lobbies.

Action: Luke to continue enforcement action.

19. Water hammer noise on higher floors

There has been intrusive noise from water hammer on upper floors.

Luke reported that this problem has now been solved. It took a very long time to resolve, and Luke assured us that lessons have been learned.


20. Doors coming off the parcels cupboard under the porter’s desk

This seems to happen repeatedly.

Luke to discover from Metwin (contractor) why the repair does not work.

21. Stop-cock on the 20th Floor

A resident reported a very long wait for a stop-cock replacement.

Luke reports that this has now been replaced.

22. Notice Board

The Notice Board on Level 01 is for use by Cromwell residents only. The best way to advertise services to Barbican residents is to use Barbicantalk.

23.Damage to public areas by contractors

Thomson Bros undertook to repaint the ceiling of the B lift, which they damaged during a recent renovation. They have not done this yet. More renovations are expected this summer.

Action: Luke to repeat the request to Thomson Bros.

Action: Luke will photograph lifts and lobbies so that we have a record of the state of public areas. Contractors who damage public areas will be asked to make good at their expense.

24. Côte Restaurant variation of licence – no action needed

Côte have applied for a change to their alcohol licence so they can offer a home delivery service which includes delivery of alcoholic drinks. Certain blocks are considering objecting to this. The CTHG Committee decided that this variation of the licence will not make a difference to us and we will not object.



27 Sept 19:00 Committee Meeting

1st December 19:00 AGM and Christmas Party

31st January 2017 19:00 Committee Meeting